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Vacuum Bottom

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Explore the critical role of Vacuum Bottom in the oil refining industry, a key feedstock for bitumen and lubricant production known for its heavy consistency and versatility.
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Essential for Advanced Refining Processes

Vacuum Bottom, also known as Vacuum Residue, is a byproduct of the vacuum distillation process in oil refineries. Characterized by its heavy consistency, it serves as a crucial feedstock for various secondary refining processes. Vacuum Bottom is primarily used in producing bitumen and lubricants, playing a significant role in the construction and automotive industries. Our high-quality Vacuum Bottom is processed to meet stringent industry standards, ensuring reliability and efficiency in further processing and applications.

Bitumen Production

Vacuum Bottom in Road Construction and Roofing: Vacuum Bottom is a primary ingredient in the production of bitumen, widely used in road construction and roofing. Bitumen, derived from Vacuum Bottom, is valued for its excellent durability and adhesive properties, making it ideal for paving roads and creating waterproof roofing materials. Its ability to bind aggregates in road construction ensures long-lasting, durable surfaces, while in roofing, it provides a robust barrier against environmental elements.

Lubricant Base Stocks

Foundation for Lubricants: Vacuum Bottom serves as a critical feedstock in manufacturing lubricant base stocks, which are fundamental in automotive and industrial lubricants. These base stocks, processed from Vacuum Bottom, provide the essential properties required in lubricants, such as viscosity and thermal stability. They play a vital role in reducing friction and wear in engines and machinery, contributing to their longevity and efficiency.

Heavy Fuel Oil Blending

Enhancing Energy Content in Fuels: Vacuum Bottom is utilized in blending heavy fuel oils, commonly used in industrial and marine applications. Its high energy content makes it a valuable component, contributing to the calorific value of fuel oils. When blended, Vacuum Bottom enhances the fuel's properties, making it suitable for use in heavy machinery and marine engines where high-energy fuels are required.

Asphalt and Construction

Key in Asphalt Production: The use of Vacuum Bottom extends to the production of asphalt for paving and waterproofing in the construction industry. Its properties make it an ideal binder in asphalt, providing strength and durability to road surfaces and waterproofing materials. The use of Vacuum Bottom in asphalt production is essential for constructing long-lasting pavements and effective waterproofing solutions.

High Viscosity and Density

Suitability for Robust Applications: Vacuum Bottom is characterized by its high viscosity and density, which makes it suitable for applications requiring robust and heavy materials. This high viscosity is crucial in applications where a thick, heavy consistency is needed, such as in certain types of industrial coatings and sealants. Its density and robust nature make it a preferred choice in applications where material strength and longevity are critical.

Leverage Vacuum Bottom in Refining and Production

Utilize our Vacuum Bottom in your refining processes to produce high-quality bitumen, lubricants, and other products. Its role as a key feedstock ensures efficiency and quality in downstream applications.

Discover Vacuum Bottom Solutions with Us

Interested in using Vacuum Bottom for bitumen production or other industrial applications? Contact us to learn more about our Vacuum Bottom products and how they can contribute to your refining and manufacturing processes

Product NameVacuum Bottom (Residue)
TypeResidual fuel oil.
Brand/GradeVaries with the source of crude oil and processing conditions.
Color and AppearanceThick, dark residual oil.
Chemical CompositionComplex mix of hydrocarbons.
Physical PropertiesHigh boiling point residues; viscous.