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Butyl Glycol

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Explore the diverse uses of Butyl Glycol, a versatile solvent used in paints, coatings, cleaning products, and as an intermediate in chemical synthesis.
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Butyl Glycol – A Multi-Purpose Solvent in Industrial and Consumer Products

Butyl Glycol, also known as butyl cellosolve, is a widely used solvent and chemical intermediate in various industrial and consumer applications. Its effectiveness in improving the performance of products, particularly in paints, coatings, and cleaning agents, makes it a valuable component in these formulations. Our high-quality Butyl Glycol ensures optimal performance, enhancing the properties of products it is used in.

Paints and Coatings

Enhancing Formulations with Butyl Glycol: In the world of paints and coatings, Butyl Glycol plays a pivotal role. It significantly enhances the flow properties of paints, leading to a smoother and more uniform application. By extending the drying times, it allows for better leveling and reduces the likelihood of brush marks or imperfections. Furthermore, Butyl Glycol contributes to an improved gloss finish, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the paint. Its role in paint formulations is essential in achieving the desired quality and performance in both industrial and consumer paints.

Cleaning Products

Butyl Glycol in Cleaning Agents: Butyl Glycol is highly effective in removing oil and grease, making it a valuable component in industrial and household cleaning products. Its solvent properties allow it to penetrate and lift away tough grime and stains, simplifying the cleaning process. This makes it especially useful in heavy-duty cleaners, degreasers, and multi-surface cleaners where performance is crucial.

Chemical Intermediate

Butyl Glycol as a Chemical Intermediate: Demonstrating its versatility, Butyl Glycol is used as an intermediate in the synthesis of other chemical products, including butyl glycol acetate. Its role as an intermediate showcases its importance in the broader context of chemical manufacturing, where it contributes to the production of a variety of solvents and chemical agents.

High Solvency Power

Effective Solvent Properties of Butyl Glycol: The high solvency power of Butyl Glycol is one of its most notable characteristics. This property is crucial for its effectiveness in dissolving various substances, making it an essential ingredient in paints, coatings, and cleaning agents. Its solvency enables the formulation of products that can effectively interact with and dissolve a wide range of materials.

Stabilizing Agent

Butyl Glycol in Emulsion Stabilization: Butyl Glycol acts as a stabilizing agent in emulsions, preventing the separation of components in diverse formulations. It is also used to adjust viscosity in various products, ensuring that they maintain the right consistency for their intended application. This role as a stabilizer and viscosity adjuster is important in a wide range of products, from cosmetic and personal care items to industrial formulations.

Enhance Your Formulations with Butyl Glycol

Incorporate our Butyl Glycol into your formulations to benefit from its solvent properties and versatility. Whether in paints, cleaners, or as a chemical intermediate, Butyl Glycol provides enhanced performance and quality.

Discover Butyl Glycol Solutions with Us

Interested in using Butyl Glycol in your products? Contact us for more information on our Butyl Glycol offerings and how they can improve the effectiveness of your formulations.

Product NameButyl Glycol (also known as Butyl Cellosolve)
TypeGlycol ether.
PackagingDrums or bulk containers.
Brand/GradeIndustrial solvent grade.
Color and AppearanceColorless liquid with a mild odor.
Chemical CompositionEther of ethylene glycol and butanol.
Safety DataSoluble in water and organic solvents.