About Us

Our Vision

We aim to be the go-to company in the Middle East for trading in chemicals and polymers, known for our innovative solutions and strong global partnerships.

Our Values

Our values are simple: we believe in creativity, sustainability, teamwork, and honesty. These are the cornerstones of how we do business every day.

Our Strategy

We stay ahead by using the latest technologies and by working closely with our partners to navigate the market and keep improving.

Our Commitment

We're dedicated to doing right by our customers and the planet, making sure our business helps, not harms, the communities we work in.

Our Mission
Our Mission

Our mission is to supply industries around the world with the best products and services, ensuring they get what they need efficiently and sustainably.

Welcome to Elsapa Alzahbi Goods Wholesalers LLC


Founded in 2022, Elsapa Alzahbi Goods Wholesalers LLC emerged as a dynamic force set to transform the global trading landscape. Specializing in the production and distribution of chemicals and polymers, we're more than a trading company — we're innovators in a competitive market, dedicated to providing impactful solutions.

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Our Global Reach

Our mission is to bridge industries worldwide with premium chemicals and polymers, leveraging our strategic Middle Eastern base to connect with partners in Asia, Europe, the Americas, Australia, and Africa. Our commitment goes beyond transactions; we aim to enhance industrial operations with the latest technological advancements and a sustainable supply of high-quality materials.


Our Areas of Expertise

Boasting expertise in diverse fields, including Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC), oil and gas, petrochemical projects, mining, and metals, we're not just suppliers — we're knowledgeable consultants bringing forth innovation and technical prowess.


Our Sustainable Practices

Responsibility is at the core of our operations. With a focus on environmental stewardship and community impact, we're dedicated to ethical practices that support both the planet and the prosperity of the industries we serve.


Our Pledge to You

We stand by our promise to deliver the best. The best in product quality, the best in service excellence, and the best in fostering lasting relationships. For us, every client interaction is an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to mutual success.

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Be Part of Our Journey

Elsapa Alzahbi is on a path of exciting growth and opportunities. We invite you to join us — as a valued partner, client, or team member. Together, we'll navigate the future of trade, driven by our guiding principle: "Research is the starting point of development, and development is the prerequisite for survival."

Meet Us

Get to Know Elsapa Alzahbi's Professionals

Pouya Kargar

Pouya Kargar

Chief Executive Officer
Malek Makan

Malek Makan

Sales Manager
Masoud Shabani

Masoud Shabani

Order Management Director